Moving the Needle
Resolving Poverty & Trauma

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November 14 – 15, 2019
Wichita, Kansas

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How can we change the future for our students facing pOVERty & trauma?

How do we provide educators & our communities with the tools needed to help all kids win?

It’s about pOVERty.

No. It’s not a typo.
It’s about doing things differently.

How we talk about the challenges many of our students and families face every day makes a difference. We can move the needle on pOVERty. Students and families can truly declare pOVERty to be OVER
in their stories.

Our communities, schools, and our public and mental health organizations must come to the table with people who are experiencing poverty to talk about moving from pOVERty alleviation to pOVERty resolution.

This two-day conference is designed to provide tools, strategies, and connections to truly move the needle of pOVERty.

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